Have you seen this?

Fallen Leaf

A fallen leaf, dead and yellow,

Sitting beside its decaying fellows,

Remembering the days when they were green,

And waited for sun to sing and swing

Staring up, straight at branch,

Who once chatted over Sunday brunch

Memories flashed, once long lost

Birds and sun and eggs and host.

Soaring above the home that was tree,

An eagle flew and cried in glee,

The urge to rise and fly above home

Was so strong that it wanted to roam

Then a wave of wind came

Rustling the leaves and increasing the flame

The urge was there and wind an opportunity

It shrugged to others and left its sanity

High above the trees and sky

With the help of wind it flew and cried

Joy was there and there was pain

Understanding itself was its only aim

When the fallen leaf flew above the world

Saw the pain, struggles, happiness and gold

Its own beauty made it realise

Loving yourself was a trait of wise

Without love, there is no aim

Self and true love is better than worldly fame

Fallen leaf was now in a book

Admiring its bea…


My night time stories,

My high and low memories,

My shouts of happiness,

My tears spilled with rage.

My companion every night,

Can't call you the names of might,

Maybe just a pillow you are,

Still my deepest safe of feelings you are.

Rocking my head too and fro,

In your lap every night I grow,

Silently bearing the rattling,

I always give to you before sleeping.

All the stupid throws,

Swaying you too and fro,

Boxing the shit out of you,

Whenever carelessly I threw.

Not a single complaint you said,

Not even the whisper of being afraid,

Just the same smiling face,

You put up to me in thousand ways.

-Raj Nandani

Sorry for being gone for such a long time but again exams were the reason for this backfall. Any ways, I am back. This poem is about my lovely pillow. You may think,'' A Pillow? Is this girl mad?" But believe me I am totally sane.

My pillow is something without which my life feels incomplete. I cannot get proper sleep without my very own pillow. With any other pi…



Sitting idle last evening,
Throwing away mindless fib,
The eyes glanced towards the dress,
Mind drifted back at certain pace.

The maroon blazer with muffler blue,
Combed up hair and polished shoe,
Striped shirt with skirt belted up,
Badge, Tie and ID pulled the smile on lip.

The memories darted back,
To all those benches and racks,
Which once were bindings,
Now became bright and memorial findings.

Heartbeat rocketed upward,
Nostalgia came running hard,
Eyes were unable to contain,
The blissful memories, that suddenly turned into fountain

The strictest teachers and guardians,
Suddenly became the angels,
Their humorous sketches,
became the brilliant and lovable patches.

The last page of notebooks,
Hanged on walls, a little crooked,
All those funny and meaningful messages,
Opened up the fluttering cages.

School bags now hung over wall,
Representing the childhood with a scowl,
Exam boards were not so scary,
Their rugged corners seemed smiling.

School life was over a week ago,
Still it hel…

A new start

Hello readers, A new year, a new month, a new week and a new date that’s what we got at the start of this year. However, the New Year’s occasion will come next year too but what will change is YOU. A year has 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months. But in those 365 days, we have a bunch of experiences to learn from, a tons of events to rejoice for, a fistful of friends to fight with and just one life to Live. The days pass without waiting for anyone or anything whether we like it or not. The months pass rapidly when we want it to hold on. The desire to have fun remains as usual and the occasion passes away and we keep thinking, ‘What the heck just happened?’ We are supposed to go somewhere and end up somewhere else. The most difficult of all is to keep up with the resolutions and routines that are decided on 1st January. Well, I don’t know about you all but my resolutions die a very fast and clean death. No choking on the smoke death but clean beheading. The one and only resolution that I…


The fresh air of Nature's love,Entered through the window of pub,Heads were whipped towards the green,Mountains and trees, a fabulous scene,Fog and mist were entering,Through the only window sill,The snow capped mountains murmured,Soft invitations for shepherds,The ring of a distant bell,Seemed to make the flowers swell,The bleats of sheep and clinks of glass,Mixed together to make a start,Human dwellers and nature's calm,Brought the ear an unseen warmth.
Smiles floated upon all face,Enjoying the nature in their own pace,Sun got jealous and started to set,Still its beauty made us forget,All the grievances of that place,Which for everyone had a little space.The tour of tourists was near an end,All the hours were well spent,The heart was not yet ready,and wanted the time to be steady,But the time had it own plans,Waiting for others was not its stance,Yet it slowed down a few beats,To hear and rejoice the sheep's bleats,The flying birds overhead,Reminded everyone to return to …


There were two sisters,
Their feet, full of blisters.
Holding hands in firm grip,
They were off for a long trip.

The trip was full of difficulties,
Through passages with upturned trees,
Path was torn due to water,
Flood made families shatter.

Once laugh echoed through the house,
Now was not even present for a wandering mouse,
Father and mother both were gone,
Once princesses were now orphan.

Shattering through the clouds of grief,
Sunshine brought them little relief.

Far away covered in green,
The nature presented an amusing scene,
Raindrops dripping from leaves,
Sunbeams from dense canopies did sieve.

Buzz of insects was heard,
This part was still struggling from flood,
A fruit fell on elder sister,
And struck her head like a big bolster.

Frowning with fairy like charm,
She was starting to get alarmed,
The hand grip tightened,
Younger one winced.

Slowly those little heads bobbed upward,
With hands on forehead to sunshine thwart,

The eyes saw the nest at first,
Then they saw the black…


As soon as I picked up the phone,

The light outside my room shone.

The knock on my door was a warning,

The heart beat race was starting.

My hands moved mechanically,

Searching the table to hide my ally.

The phone was dumped between the books,

The face expression said I will puke.

Mom's head peeped through the door,

I felt the chill of the sea shore.

She eyed me suspiciously,

Her sleep deprived eyes looked warily.

Her expert eyes scanned my table,

I suddenly remembered all fake fables.

Waiting, I took concentrating aim,

But the thunder I dreamt never came.

Instead came a warm palm,

As if telling me to calm.

Mom asked me to sleep now,

Said " Stop studying in so long rows"

The blood rushed to my cheeks,

I hadn't blushed for weeks.

After my mom was gone,

Relief and guilt in my mind shone.

The subconscious mind was screaming,

'She knew what you were doing.'

The heart murmured, very slow,

'Your mom loves you enough to break her vow.'

Her vow, I remembered wi…


Smiling foolishly again and again,
Memories came running like train,
Trying to focus on studies in vain,

Butterflies fluttering in gut,
Fingers furiously busy in chat,
Mind busy in burning fat,

Everything could be left undone,
Only for some special one,
Who makes life look fun,

Every scolding one can bear,
Gripping the heart remains one fear,
' What if the end is near? ',

For whom all scolding one bear,
By whose choice one's life steer,
Who more than life is dear,

Hundreds of lies told for them,
For whom, late at night one came,
Whose every pain one take,

It is lovely and strange feel,
The feel so strong to bend the steel,

It's nothing else my love,
It's the last word of the line above.

Raj Nandani

This poem has been posted on special request of one of my readers. So if you guys loved this poem then give it some love by sharing this.

Also if you want a poem then post it in comment box.

Why So?

As the evening winds blew,
Swaying trees were a fabulous view.
Flailing my hair, the breeze said,
"Why didn't you stopped on bread?"

Confused and over-fumed by it,

I asked why it said that bit.

Then came the horrible reply,

Which explained the question why.

"Why didn't you stopped on bread?

Why you want to paint Earth red?

Why don't you satisfy with one?

Why do you cut trees for fun?"

"Why your smoke make us choke?

Why the sufferers are always broke?

Why the wastes are dumped in ocean?

Why don't you understand our devotion?"

"Bread to eat and clothes to wear,

Shelter to live and that's so clear.

Then why you destroy us with spear,

Why on wrecking us you cheer?"

"All these spears and cheers,

Are going to be your fears.

As your generations grow,

You have to reap what you sowed."

Then will you realise,

How the question was so wise,

(When there will be no water and bread)

You will ask yourself:

   "Why didn't …